Timothy Strong would return home from school when he was in the sixth grade and bang on his mother’s little electronic keyboard.  Sometime during that year he began writing songs and recording them with a tape recorder.  Later he started using two tape recorders so he could overlay tracks.  The recordings were rough to say the least, but that’s where Tim’s love for writing and producing gospel music began.

Tim is a member of The Church Of God in Smithfield, NC where his father Robert F. Strong, Sr. is the pastor.  It is there where he can be found most Sundays and Wednesdays ministering with music. 

Through support from his parents, Robert Strong, Sr. and Rose Strong, along with his brother, Robert Strong, Jr., over the years, Tim obtained instruments and recording equipment.  One day in April of 1998 while attending East Carolina University he was talking to his brother on the phone about how nice it would be to have the freedom to sing with an acoustic guitar wherever he went like a guy he saw on television, but he was only speaking hypothetically since he didn’t even know how to play the guitar at the time.  A day later his Father came by his dormitory and dropped off an acoustic guitar and a book that his brother had bought.  That weekend Tim recorded his first song with the guitar, “Like A Sycamore Tree.” 

After accepting the call into the ministry, marriage, and three children, writing and recording gospel songs are still a large part of his life.  He hopes to produce more recordings and share many more songs that bless souls all over the world.


2011 The Real Hero

2005 Love Is For Always (first national release)

2001 Heart Of The Book

1999 Rainbow In The Sky

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